Dedicated service

At CUE-Support, we cherish your audiovisual investments with constant care. Our dedicated maintenance team is ready to make sure your equipment excels not only at purchase, but throughout its life.

Whether you have post-purchase questions or specific maintenance and service needs, at CUE-Support we offer comprehensive Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with response times and review times. We strive for rapid response, initiating all support requests within 24 hours, with even shorter response times for SLA contracts.

Personal advice

Our commitment to quality goes beyond service. We provide advice on the quality of equipment, with an eye toward less maintenance over the years. Here, we involve you in the decision to invest in high-quality equipment or save costs when purchasing.

Regular contact and annual review moments form the basis of our proactive approach. We not only keep our finger on the pulse to make sure our service meets your expectations, but also identify opportunities for improvement. We look at what developments and innovations the market has and are happy to make them known to the customer. Thus, the customer is always at the forefront of his knowledge.

Expert and approachable support

Our transparent ticketing system, supported by email communication, ensures that customers are kept informed of every step in the maintenance and service process. In addition, we continually invest in the knowledge of our service team through training with manufacturers and suppliers, as well as daily updates on the latest developments.

Customized service

In today's time, where technical and ICT knowledge is becoming increasingly important, we distinguish ourselves with our experience and knowledge in the field of IT and AV. As a result, we offer the best service in this crossover area.

At CUE-Support, we continue to listen to our customers and personal contact is invaluable. Customer needs and wants are at the heart of our commitment to continually improve our services. We go beyond providing products; we offer a service that grows with your needs and is based on trust and lasting relationships.