Custom solutions

CUE-Support is all about finding the right solution for you. Whether it's answering an email or phone call with a specific question, or researching your proposed challenge, we strive for a perfect match between product, need and customer.

We try to answer customer questions as best we can, and we strive for clarity when explaining solutions and processes. That way, everything that is clear to us is also clear to you.

Good personal contact

Maintaining good contact with our customers is essential to us. We don't just want to provide answers to questions; we want to build a personal connection. We invite you to provide feedback on your experiences and any suggestions for improvement.

Fair prices

At CUE-Support, we strive for fair pricing. We set our prices based on manufacturers' selling prices and Internet prices and always go for good value for money. If you find a product cheaper elsewhere, we are always open to discussion. We are always honest and also emphasize the added value of our expertise and support.

Low-threshold communication

Our focus on building a personal relationship with our clients is meant to make the threshold as low as possible. We want you to feel you can come to us with all your questions, and we strive to be a trusted partner in your AV experience. Open communication and substantiation of our product and service choices are core principles by which we exceed our customers' expectations.