André Rieu Studios

It is a company with a lot of knowledge and expertise
In the André Rieu Studios, we only work on commissions for André Rieu. CDs, DVDs, TV programs or commercials: all productions surrounding the violinist are made in his own studios in Maastricht. The audio and recording studios now also contain many products supplied by CUE-Support.

    Short lines

    André Rieu Studios has been a client of CUE-Support since the very beginning. The bond with Roger Creemers existed before he started CUE-Support. “I already knew Roger when he was still working for his old employer,” Volleberg explained. “Roger has been in the business for a long time, he is someone with a lot of knowledge and expertise. The same goes for his staff. We’ve had several suppliers, and still do, but at CUE-Support the lines are short.”

    Those short lines are considered pleasant. Volleberg knows he can buy most products at several places for the same amount, but prefers to order from CUE-Support because of the good service. Should anything ever be broken or not functioning optimally, he will have someone on the line in no time to help.

    No call center

    “It’s nice to have a regular supplier. Someone we know well and who in turn knows us and our infrastructure well,” Volleberg explained. “When we call we always get Roger, Dave or Arno on the line. You are not helped through a call center where a ticket is created that then has to be solved once. We never have to wait long.”

    Once technical support is needed, Dave gets an email or call. “He has a lot of ready knowledge and can often help us remotely.” This can be done by phone or by logging in remotely and looking into the system. Should there be a real need for on-site observation, Dave can also be in Maastricht quickly.


    What Volleberg also likes about the way CUE-Support works is that Roger thinks along with the budget. “It sounds a little irreverent, but with them it’s not just pushing boxes. Sometimes you have to look for a slightly more creative solution in terms of budget. Then you also have to be able to think outside the obvious solutions. They can do that and I really like that.”

    Volleberg calls CUE-Support his ears and eyes on the market. Thus, it sometimes happens that he himself thinks he has found a solution to a problem, but CUE with all knowledge recommends something else. “Then I think, gosh, I hadn’t thought of that. But because, of course, they’re concerned daily with what’s on the market, they usually have answers to our questions.”


    Service and customer-oriented work, according to Volleberg, are the words that best describe CUE-Support. In doing so, he really likes knowing who he is in contact with when he calls for advice. “I would almost say that CUE-Support is so big by staying small, and of course I mean that in a positive way.”

    He concludes, “Arno still comes every year to personally deliver a bottle of wine. He chose that wine himself. It is a small gesture, but very personal. I can really appreciate that. In any case, I like the fact that Roger, Arno or Dave sometimes drop by. It is a company where the contacts are still really personal and I find that very important.”