Takken Mediatechniek

At CUE-Support I get honest advice
As a rental company, Takken Mediatechniek focuses primarily on camera technology. For live events, the company provides the direction; in corona times, streaming was mostly done online. Before the pandemic, Takken Media Technology was also on tour a lot; for example, Takken himself was the regular director of Italian composer Ennio Morricone for many years. For both advice and materials, Takken regularly turns to CUE-Support.


    Takken Media Technology is different from other AV companies. Where many companies work all-round, Takken has specialized in the camera part. When he invests in new equipment, he wants top quality. In such cases, CUE-Support is often the preferred supplier.

    The relationship goes back a long time. Takken first came in contact with CUE-Support through Arno. “I know Arno from the company where he used to work. When he started working at CUE-Support, I followed him. I had an advisor in Arno, so that was easy. I think it’s important anyway to build a relationship with a supplier. CUE is not always the cheapest, but the advice is also important.”

    Not stuck to one brand

    Takken knows he can also buy directly from a brand, but still prefers to order from CUE-Support. “Buying directly from a brand is sometimes cheaper, but you don’t always get the best advice. Sometimes brand B is just slightly better than brand A. Because CUE-Support is not tied to a brand, I get more honest advice in that case and I like that.”

    A good example, according to Takken, is when he was working on an installation project in digital signage systems. To do so, he needed a screen, speaker and various other items. CUE-Support advised him. “There they have the experience to bring those items together into one good product. Although then, of course, I still throw my own sauce over it.”


    CUE-Support’s flexibility and knowledge is nice for Takken. During the corona pandemic, he had to deal with the fact that certain materials were poorly available. “We had to find a way to deliver something to our customers. Fortunately, CUE-Support helped with that as well. Generally, Arno figures out most things and then I get a quote. With Dave, I can go to him for technical questions.”

    For Takken, it is nice that he can work out ideas with CUE-Support and then come up with a product. Consulting is a plus in this regard. “I can put the ball in CUE-Support’s court. My information is often limited to what I see or hear during my work. Sometimes I then need external advice. Because CUE-Support delivers to different companies, the knowledge is broader. So sometimes a different brand than I had in mind myself comes up and that turns out to work better.”

    Good match

    CUE-Support has been one of Takken Mediatechniek’s regular suppliers for many years. Takken himself calls the collaboration a good match. He is also very appreciative of the service. “If I have a question there is always someone who has an answer to it or is looking for the answer. CUE-Support has a lot of connections. In addition, the guys are quick to reach and repairs are always handled neatly.”